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Monday, October 4, 2010


It would be nice to have a few jewels to own... or better yet... it would be nice to have a pile of coins and cash to own.  Like Scrooge!!! Yeah, I said it! He had money... and I wish I had some to pay off a bit of debt.

Okay, I'm getting distracted this morning.... back to jewels.  Or I should say Jewelry.   My mom has been getting a lot of her old jewelry cleaned and polished to look all BEautiful again.  Which is nice because they really shine... but its costly to do it.  So she talks about this lost ring she cannot find... it is driving her insane thinking she had misplaced it or dropped it somewhere.  SO, she is driving me insane because she is insane and cant find it.  ANYWHERE! *sigh* so then it gets worse.  My aunt calls and mom decides to tell her she cant find it.  My aunt goes on to say that it was worth thousands of dollars... which then makes my mom more insane.  She thinks she lost it, and is hysterical, is crying, and driving me crazy!

So I'm  at work about 5 days later, I get a call.  Guess what?! She FOUND IT! Guess where it was?  GO on... Guess!?


Figures right?  So, that whole mess for nothing... it was safe and sound.

So back to the other jewelry....

Apparently she decided to get a few of her things cleaned and polished... and wants me to go over there with her to size a ring.  yeah.... I hear that all the time... rings rings rings.....

Then...I go with my totally AWESOME friends to a craft fair this past weekend.  Which was totally a blast.  But there was this table with, guess what........RINGS!!!   So they were excited, then I got excited.... so we all were excited!

And then they got me to thinking about jewelry.  'N' wants to make some and found the people who distribute the material.. which got me to thinking about making my own jewelry.... and 'K' (who earlier mentioned that her professors husband is having a jewelry making class and I should enroll to learn)  then posted a link to Etsy, of all places!! Great... guess where I go!

So I'm Etsy... searching for, what else, JEWELRY!  Pins, necklaces, rings, etc.  A WONDERLAND OF JEWELRY!!! 

So all my thoughts this weekend are centered around this one topic.  AND my thoughts run into my dreams apparently... because this is how my weekend goes dreamwise......

Saturday night:  I had a dream about opening a store with N and K.  But we are totally unprepared and we open this nicely sized store intending to sell baked goods and handmade items.  And the day of opening BEGINS!  What do we have in there?  One table in the center of the store floor... with like maybe 10 pieces of jewelry.  yeah... I said it... a whole store with one table of merchandise! we are gonna fail...... what a crappy dream!

Sunday night:  So I am dreaming of this other place, where I am just selling my jewelry... but there is a problem.. my one item isnt finished, but then I look and nothing is done.  None of my beautiful pieces are done... and I cant remember the rest of the dream now, but it was pure pandemonium ... chaos... people talking.. wondering what is going on! I DONT KNOW!   I'M BAFFLED! this dream is dumb....All it is, is WORRY!  but then I wake up... Look at the clock... and I have to go to work... so I didnt sleep very well at all...

CAN IT BE FRIDAY?  Or the weekend!?  any day but monday?

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