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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Its a Bug year


**__** WARNING**__** 

I'm serious. 

The name "Bugs" and the actual things are following me this year.  I'm use to them doing their thing and leaving me alone... but this year they are trying to make me notice them or they want to die... because I will kill bees and spiders if necessary.


-All the time- While minding my own business at the park with the car windows open, who decides to show up ... these things.  BEES! I hate bees, any kinds of them.... I fell in a bush once as a small child because I lost balance on my bike.... YEAH... Guess what happened then?!!... a swarm of bees!  I got stung 10 times...
pic via

-mid-june-  A FREAKIN wasp flies in my hair and gets stuck, while I am in the car.  Needless to say, I jumped out and flung my hair about till he got his disgusting self out of my hair.

-all summer- Wasp nests are found by the front door, the new car (the gap b/w the passenger door and the side), under the porch.

-summer day- This is what was at my back door on the screen... (i'm not scared of this, just pointing out another bug)

-August-  This thing comes nightly to my back door ALL MONTH LONG!  This guy tho, didn't die by my hand.

-August- State fair... big moth flies in the grandstand area where I am ... and it lands on a strange mans butt.  he never  He looked something like this fellow:
photo via

-September-  Creepy crawly house centipede... they are everywhere at my workplace. And they were constantly making an appearance at the house I lived in while in college.  

pic via
-Autumn- spiders are constantly getting in our house by hiding in flowers, or squeezing through this small gap in the door.  Once seen, they don't live long.

-October-  So this fellow was acting all dead on my driveway.  He wasn't.  

-BSU Homecoming Football- this big grayish bug lands on my leg.  Some girl yells, "Kill it!" Jumps up and flicks it off my leg onto the ground with a flip-flop and beats it with her shoe.  I don't know what type of bug it was but it looks like this in shape. 
photo via

-TODAY- A FREAKIN spider falls from my office ceiling, landing about a foot to my right.  Then proceeds to run off and literally JUMPS off the corner of the desk and lands on the floor.  RIP.

-@ New Job-  The graphics guy calls his kid "Bugs".... go figure.

Anyway, I'm sure I missed a lot of bug encounters due to selective memory loss but there it is... I hate bees, wasps, spiders, centipedes.... ewwwwwww.  I wont kill them unless they are in my house or near me.  They can  do their thing, if they just keep to themselves.

Funny note:  my friend Kay drives a bug.  You know, the VW kind.


  1. this was gross. i couldn't stop looking at the spider.

  2. I've just dispatched one of those horrid, house centipedes, here in France. Glad to see the back of it. Don't like 'em at all!