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Monday, September 27, 2010

Gummy Bears

Okay, don't get me wrong... but I LOVE Gummy Bears!  I like the cartoon Gummi Bears too!

Now, dealing with the candy.  I like the candy, just not the healthy, pumped-full-of-vitamin sort.



My dad is convinced I need 2 or 3 of these to function... because, well, I dont take a regular multi-vitamin b/c the coating makes me sick.  Granted... the vitamin sort taste fine... I just dont want them at 8 am and at dinner time.  Good Grief!

"NO DAD! No more gummy bears! I'm done."

Inspiration or...

Something to think about....

I saw this today.... and it makes sense.  Though, the thought of some of these makes me feel insignificant.   Thoughts?

And if you're wondering where this came from, it's the company poster for the clothing line lululemon


Its Fall, and I have a million projects I want to knit... Oh, Time, how I wish I had more of you in the day!  

Future Projects: 
        A Bunny, Unicorn, Fox, and an Owl are in store for future posts.  GET EXCITED! WOO!

As of now, I am:   
           Hoping, waiting for 5 o'clock.