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Monday, September 27, 2010

Gummy Bears

Okay, don't get me wrong... but I LOVE Gummy Bears!  I like the cartoon Gummi Bears too!

Now, dealing with the candy.  I like the candy, just not the healthy, pumped-full-of-vitamin sort.



My dad is convinced I need 2 or 3 of these to function... because, well, I dont take a regular multi-vitamin b/c the coating makes me sick.  Granted... the vitamin sort taste fine... I just dont want them at 8 am and at dinner time.  Good Grief!

"NO DAD! No more gummy bears! I'm done."

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  1. I love Haribo Gummy Bears!! Can never get enough. Tried to make them onceack ugh ugh. So bake to Haribo