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I couldn't start my first  knitting post without mentioning the "Hands of Love".  The Hands of Love are a lovely group of ladies that meet to knit (or crochet) at my church.  My mom decided to join it to learn how to knit. Then asked if I wanted to go.  After many weeks of not going, I went and made puppet kittens, scarves and then stuffed kittens.... and then my creativity EXPLODED!

I made a bunch of animals... all which will be mentioned at some time or another in this blog.  However, I dont have pictures of some of them, because I donated them before I knew I would go crazy with making knitted animals. So, kids at Peyton Manning Childrens Hospital have them.  So far,  I have donated a litter of knitted kittens, a lion, a bear, and a pig to the kids.

  SO, I don't have any pictures of the kittens or the pig, but I have the lion and the bear.  (note: the red bear is from a pattern... not my design)

So... these are only a couple of animals that I have done so far in my knitting. I couldn't have done it without those ladies introducing me to knitting.   Check back to see more of my knitted creations!