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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

HAHAHA! So I made Sadie a costume.  

She is  a mermaid! :)

I made this for the Dunkin' Donut ladies... See the munchkin donut holes in the treasure chest?!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Autumn... a polaroid album

Pictures of Fall... that I took and forgot in my camera.  
I love the yellow, red, and freakin' "On-FIRE" ORANGE the trees turn into in AUTUMN!  Plus, I added my pup Sadie, and a Squirrel for everyones enjoyment!   Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

UPDATE: Like food? Go here.

Seriously... if you like food.... and reading blogs.... and perhaps crafts... or BOTH... CLICK this LINK:

I'm seriously serious.  DO IT or DIE!

no just kidding...

or am i....

UPDATE:  You will find cookies and pies and hamburgers if you go to the sasquatch willow blog... goooo LOOOOOK!!! DO IT!!! COOOKIES......

yum yum

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ribbit Ribbit

Knitting time!!!               I made a FROG! 

A Cute Froggie!

One with CRAZY arms and legs!  HE makes me smile.  And BOY, does he look better in person.  I need a photographer for this little guy.  I'm horrible at picture taking.

SO, the thought of the kids at the Peyton Manning Childrens hospital made me think of what could bring them joy and this guy popped in my head.  Lets hope I can remember how to do him, because now I have people asking me for the pattern.  WELL, again, I'm a disappointment to you all.  I have no pattern to give you.  I have it all in my head.  I'm sorry... but I can tell you that it is reasonably easy to make. 

Once you make the body, you add legs, fingers, and eyes.  Simple right? sorry, I know that didn't help.  But if you have a creative mind you will figure out a pattern for yourself.  Then, I can't sue you for copyright or stealing my creative juices.  Sound fair?

 If you'd like one, I may be creating an etsy account.  I'll update when/if I do open one.  Capisce?

Monday, October 25, 2010

UPDATE: A Disappointing Day In The Fast Food Industry....

So, I left work today all excited to get my daily dollar soda at McD's.  I go to the one on the northwest side of town normally because their Dr. Pepper tastes the best in town.  That is until today.

I get my soda and drive home... only to discover when I get home that it isn't Dr. Pepper at all!

It is an impostor.  It is soda water and brownish coloring... ick.

Now I have to go visit the McD's closest to my house to get a new one... darn it! I hate this McD's because of its terrible service,  stupid employees, and well the Dr Pepper always tastes okay.  Just okay.  I want 'SUPER AWESOME, ITS DR PEPPER!' Dr Pepper.  I dont want to settle.  But I will today.

So on my way home, I decide to go to the Burger King for a Jr. Whopper.  Which I cant get in because there are toooooooo many people out at Lunchtime! PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!

So I settle for Wendy's.  Excited to get a burger, I get home and take the first bite out of my burger...... HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!  THe onions are terrible, the tomato is sad, and the lettuce is white.  COME ON! To make it worse, the fries are all sad and mushy.


I dont think I am going to get food for awhile from anywhere.  Im getting grossed out.  Not just from today.  But from this year, I cant eat Taco Bell anymore, Wendy's is on its last leg for me from a previous chicken incident, and McDonalds gets my business only for sodas (which may stop soon).  What a disappointing day in the fast food industry.


Its a sad, sad day for my dr pepper.

UPDATE:  HAD Burger King today and it was a Success... Jr. whopper was amazing and so were the fries... nice going BK you get a gold star! (tho I still don't like your creepy king man commercials or the new weird offsetting songs you are doing now.  )

Ima technologically challenged.

What's the point of Twitter? its kinda dumb. Because if you dont use twitter, or tweet thoughts... or end up tweeting your fathers sayings and becoming famous... its pointless.

Maybe its me... I dont tweet because I dont have a twitter.  I sometimes want to catalogue my thoughts by making a twitter account, and then decide its too much work.

Perhaps, im lazy... shhh... i didnt say that.

So.. I am terrible with technology.  I shall share some examples with you.  

1.  Two years ago, I couldn't document my time when getting to work at a job.  I would press submit to enter my start point of the work day... and apparently I should have double clicked to make it work.  Essentially for 2 weeks I did this and didn't get paid.  I blame the computer.

2.  I like video games but the more intricate they become, the less my brain can handle all the incoming information.  I like simple Mario games... easy to see, read, follow.  Halo on the other hand... I cant get past like level 4 or something... I always walk backwards and fall off the cliff... WHY IN THE HELL!

See! It SAYS "PUSH START BUTTON"  how easy is that? 
3.  I break a lot of cd players... oh wait... whats a cd player  you ask... well, they were made before mp3 players...I still prefer them over mp3 players.  Why? oh, well that is because I hate charging electronics. I'll stick to batteries.

4.  Cell phones confuse me.  Oh... by the way... I hate phones.  I hate talking on phones.  So, dont start showing me your Iphone guys-who-want-to-date-me.. im not impressed.  Just another thing that will be obsolete tomorrow. (no offense if you have one.. i just dont know how to work them... im challenged remember?)

5. When I was in middle school, I had to have a friend create a hotmail account for me... I didnt understand all that at the time... well, because I still had a floppy disk computer and I played math, grammar games on the computer.  Yeah.. ima  dork.  AND I'm not correcting that last grammar error. HA!
the REAL floppy... the floppy floppy

6.  I like to create things with my hands and not really with the help of programs.  I can do it with a program but I hate staring at the computer screen.  Why am I trying to make a career in graphic arts then?
I have no idea... im punishing myself.

7.  I'm in my 20's and have just started blogging... really? Ima bit slow.

8.  I'm really disorganized... you should see my desktop. I'd show you, but you would get lost  :/

9.  I have broken, dropped, many expensive electronics.  Cracked a laptop screen due to someone stepping on it... busted many cd players, and well, frankly ima bit surprised at my many times dropping my digital camera.. it still works... well .. the lens gets stuck sometimes but... im ok with that.  What is sad... is that when i bought a cd player it was like 65 bucks.  So when I broke it, I would tape it back together... scotch tape that is... yeah... ghetto right? no, I didnt want to admit that I broke another one and thus settled with a broken one.  Plus, I didn't have money for a new one.  Guess how much they cost now? like 5-10 bucks.  Go figure.

courtesy of
I search for 'busted cd player' ...(like you care.).. and this is what popped up.... Ha... that is my problem... A cute little kitty is sabotaging my technology.  Problem solved. :)

10.  I have many emails.. but most of them I cannot access.  This is because im slightly retarded in the fact I forget.  I forget my passwords... even when i change them.. and never can get back in.

11.  While I was typing this, I opened like 8 windows... cant type either... well i cant type words... I guess  Im great at hitting shortcuts.  WHICH I REALLY HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THEY ARE!!  So I cant go back to figure out how I opened that screen.

Anyway.. I guess im just disappointed with technology as well as frustrated and challenged.  Everytime I buy something... it will break... so I have just come to the conclusion to just stop buying it.

Disney didn't prepare me for this... I'm lost with this internet thing... I facebook, email, and now blog... i know its not much to you all.. but ima gettin to my breakin point.  Maybe its time to knit.

  yes, it is time.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Owl + Fleece= LOVE

Fleece Tie Blankets.

It is such an easy thing and it took me forever to make one.  Finally this week was it.  It is done.  My first tie blanket.  This feat was accomplished with the help of my friend Kay.  Even though I went to the fabric store to get fleece for another reason, I ended up having to keep it for myself.... ITS SOOO CUTE! and WARM!  LOVE IT! 


SO.. this is what it looks like finished.... 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mr. Panda

Love the panda!   LOVE HIM!     Or He will jump through your screen and eat your face!!!

no... just kidding.

I love him... but you don't have too like him at all.  Of course, I'm  a bit biased because I made him.

As one of my knitted creations, mr. panda was not knitted with fluffy yarn at all.  I used soft cotton yarn, which is not like me in the slightest.  I love to knit with fluff, novelty yarn.  He started as an experiment, and this is how he turned out.  No pattern was used, so I can't tell you how I did it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Its a Bug year


**__** WARNING**__** 

I'm serious. 

The name "Bugs" and the actual things are following me this year.  I'm use to them doing their thing and leaving me alone... but this year they are trying to make me notice them or they want to die... because I will kill bees and spiders if necessary.


-All the time- While minding my own business at the park with the car windows open, who decides to show up ... these things.  BEES! I hate bees, any kinds of them.... I fell in a bush once as a small child because I lost balance on my bike.... YEAH... Guess what happened then?!!... a swarm of bees!  I got stung 10 times...
pic via

-mid-june-  A FREAKIN wasp flies in my hair and gets stuck, while I am in the car.  Needless to say, I jumped out and flung my hair about till he got his disgusting self out of my hair.

-all summer- Wasp nests are found by the front door, the new car (the gap b/w the passenger door and the side), under the porch.

-summer day- This is what was at my back door on the screen... (i'm not scared of this, just pointing out another bug)

-August-  This thing comes nightly to my back door ALL MONTH LONG!  This guy tho, didn't die by my hand.

-August- State fair... big moth flies in the grandstand area where I am ... and it lands on a strange mans butt.  he never  He looked something like this fellow:
photo via

-September-  Creepy crawly house centipede... they are everywhere at my workplace. And they were constantly making an appearance at the house I lived in while in college.  

pic via
-Autumn- spiders are constantly getting in our house by hiding in flowers, or squeezing through this small gap in the door.  Once seen, they don't live long.

-October-  So this fellow was acting all dead on my driveway.  He wasn't.  

-BSU Homecoming Football- this big grayish bug lands on my leg.  Some girl yells, "Kill it!" Jumps up and flicks it off my leg onto the ground with a flip-flop and beats it with her shoe.  I don't know what type of bug it was but it looks like this in shape. 
photo via

-TODAY- A FREAKIN spider falls from my office ceiling, landing about a foot to my right.  Then proceeds to run off and literally JUMPS off the corner of the desk and lands on the floor.  RIP.

-@ New Job-  The graphics guy calls his kid "Bugs".... go figure.

Anyway, I'm sure I missed a lot of bug encounters due to selective memory loss but there it is... I hate bees, wasps, spiders, centipedes.... ewwwwwww.  I wont kill them unless they are in my house or near me.  They can  do their thing, if they just keep to themselves.

Funny note:  my friend Kay drives a bug.  You know, the VW kind.

Sam, aka Kitty Kitty

I'm going to start this post with a HUGE SIGH... ready?  *Sigh* 

Every time I see Sam, I sigh.  Why?  well, because once you forget about him you see him peeking in the front window reminding you that he is still there... like a stalker.  

Lets go back.... say,  a year and a half  I think.  So its July 2009. 

Sam's Story:  

Sam is a cat.  He started wandering around our house because we always have people there.  The neighborhood kids like playing with my dog Sadie, so this one day they were there to knock on our door to see if Sadie could come out to play.  Well, I open the door and this cat is there with them.  No one knows where he came from or if he has a home.  But, he is skinny and sickly looking... but happy and social.  So we called him Kitty-Kitty.

So I take pictures of him and make a flier: FOUND!  After about a month, (since he was always at our house) we assumed that he was homeless and started letting him in our garage.  Another 2 weeks go by,  we crack down and buy him a collar at the dollar store.  He was going to be my brothers cat, since he was all attached to him by now.  

Nope! As soon as we put that collar on he came back a day later with a note attached to it.  It said My name is Sam. I live _.  So he had a home.  And the people who owned him  were friends  we knew from church.  Go figures right? 

So every day after that we tried to bring him home.  He didn't want to go home.  The only time we could get him to follow us there was by walking my dog Sadie.  He followed her to his home, so every night after that... my dad has to walk Sam home with Sadie.

What a cute nuisance. . . he has those eyes. Plus, he always seems to be in the way.

See.. he is right in front of Sadie's face! 

I try to take photos of Sadie during a holiday season... so she can give it to the dunkin donut ladies to grace their bulletin board.  So, he is always in the way!  Messed up a ton of would-be-great pics of Sadie in her bunny ears! :)

Sam and Trouble (my cat)

So now he hangs around all the time... and when his parents go on vacation, he also lives with us.

Sam and Sadie
So that is the story of Sam... the cat who-doesn't-want-to-go-home.  And sometimes, he is the thorn in my side, but I like him.  He is funny  and makes me smile.  But he is like the kid who-wont-go-home and sometimes i'm tired of looking after him.  (Especially, when he follows Sadie and I when we go on a walk.  I have to make sure he is safe if he follows us across the road to the other subdivision.)

SO....Sam-the-cat is friends with Sadie-the-dog.  Go figures!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What Breed?

So... Most (not all) of my friends have kids... well, I have a dog.  Her name is Sadie and don't ask me what breed she is.  I have no idea.  I have an inkling, but I could be wrong.  We think she has some border collie or Aussie Shepherd in her and ??   SO... if that helps any... GREAT!

So I am beginning to say she is of the Sadie Breed.  She is rare on this earth as she is the only dog in the world like her.  AND no you cant have her.  So some would say she is a mutt... yeah, so.  I like her the way she is! She is unique.  

So here she is... my pup-dog.  Isn't she adorable?!!! 

So... she is about 4ish years old... and I adopted her from the pound and restored her to her proper weight and her health flourished and she POOFED OUT!!!  When I got her she was rather short haired, balding on her rump and her tail was pathetically covered in what little fur that was on it.  I'll admit her fur was ugly... but who cares now right?  Moving on... So now her coat is curly and medium/long fur with a tail that looks more of a flag with her fur.  She is pretty good in agility, only we don't do competitions... its just a fun way for her and I to have fun!  

I also make her dress up for Halloween... which is coming up this month... this is what she looked like last year:

She is spoiled rotten, has too many toys and gets way too much attention but craves more....cuz the kitty cat that resides in my house wants attention too... Jealous much?  

Anyway.... why am I bringing her up now?  Well... she threw up in my moms car this afternoon.  JOY!

Monday, October 4, 2010


It would be nice to have a few jewels to own... or better yet... it would be nice to have a pile of coins and cash to own.  Like Scrooge!!! Yeah, I said it! He had money... and I wish I had some to pay off a bit of debt.

Okay, I'm getting distracted this morning.... back to jewels.  Or I should say Jewelry.   My mom has been getting a lot of her old jewelry cleaned and polished to look all BEautiful again.  Which is nice because they really shine... but its costly to do it.  So she talks about this lost ring she cannot find... it is driving her insane thinking she had misplaced it or dropped it somewhere.  SO, she is driving me insane because she is insane and cant find it.  ANYWHERE! *sigh* so then it gets worse.  My aunt calls and mom decides to tell her she cant find it.  My aunt goes on to say that it was worth thousands of dollars... which then makes my mom more insane.  She thinks she lost it, and is hysterical, is crying, and driving me crazy!

So I'm  at work about 5 days later, I get a call.  Guess what?! She FOUND IT! Guess where it was?  GO on... Guess!?


Figures right?  So, that whole mess for nothing... it was safe and sound.

So back to the other jewelry....

Apparently she decided to get a few of her things cleaned and polished... and wants me to go over there with her to size a ring.  yeah.... I hear that all the time... rings rings rings.....

Then...I go with my totally AWESOME friends to a craft fair this past weekend.  Which was totally a blast.  But there was this table with, guess what........RINGS!!!   So they were excited, then I got excited.... so we all were excited!

And then they got me to thinking about jewelry.  'N' wants to make some and found the people who distribute the material.. which got me to thinking about making my own jewelry.... and 'K' (who earlier mentioned that her professors husband is having a jewelry making class and I should enroll to learn)  then posted a link to Etsy, of all places!! Great... guess where I go!

So I'm Etsy... searching for, what else, JEWELRY!  Pins, necklaces, rings, etc.  A WONDERLAND OF JEWELRY!!! 

So all my thoughts this weekend are centered around this one topic.  AND my thoughts run into my dreams apparently... because this is how my weekend goes dreamwise......

Saturday night:  I had a dream about opening a store with N and K.  But we are totally unprepared and we open this nicely sized store intending to sell baked goods and handmade items.  And the day of opening BEGINS!  What do we have in there?  One table in the center of the store floor... with like maybe 10 pieces of jewelry.  yeah... I said it... a whole store with one table of merchandise! we are gonna fail...... what a crappy dream!

Sunday night:  So I am dreaming of this other place, where I am just selling my jewelry... but there is a problem.. my one item isnt finished, but then I look and nothing is done.  None of my beautiful pieces are done... and I cant remember the rest of the dream now, but it was pure pandemonium ... chaos... people talking.. wondering what is going on! I DONT KNOW!   I'M BAFFLED! this dream is dumb....All it is, is WORRY!  but then I wake up... Look at the clock... and I have to go to work... so I didnt sleep very well at all...

CAN IT BE FRIDAY?  Or the weekend!?  any day but monday?