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Monday, October 25, 2010

Ima technologically challenged.

What's the point of Twitter? its kinda dumb. Because if you dont use twitter, or tweet thoughts... or end up tweeting your fathers sayings and becoming famous... its pointless.

Maybe its me... I dont tweet because I dont have a twitter.  I sometimes want to catalogue my thoughts by making a twitter account, and then decide its too much work.

Perhaps, im lazy... shhh... i didnt say that.

So.. I am terrible with technology.  I shall share some examples with you.  

1.  Two years ago, I couldn't document my time when getting to work at a job.  I would press submit to enter my start point of the work day... and apparently I should have double clicked to make it work.  Essentially for 2 weeks I did this and didn't get paid.  I blame the computer.

2.  I like video games but the more intricate they become, the less my brain can handle all the incoming information.  I like simple Mario games... easy to see, read, follow.  Halo on the other hand... I cant get past like level 4 or something... I always walk backwards and fall off the cliff... WHY IN THE HELL!

See! It SAYS "PUSH START BUTTON"  how easy is that? 
3.  I break a lot of cd players... oh wait... whats a cd player  you ask... well, they were made before mp3 players...I still prefer them over mp3 players.  Why? oh, well that is because I hate charging electronics. I'll stick to batteries.

4.  Cell phones confuse me.  Oh... by the way... I hate phones.  I hate talking on phones.  So, dont start showing me your Iphone guys-who-want-to-date-me.. im not impressed.  Just another thing that will be obsolete tomorrow. (no offense if you have one.. i just dont know how to work them... im challenged remember?)

5. When I was in middle school, I had to have a friend create a hotmail account for me... I didnt understand all that at the time... well, because I still had a floppy disk computer and I played math, grammar games on the computer.  Yeah.. ima  dork.  AND I'm not correcting that last grammar error. HA!
the REAL floppy... the floppy floppy

6.  I like to create things with my hands and not really with the help of programs.  I can do it with a program but I hate staring at the computer screen.  Why am I trying to make a career in graphic arts then?
I have no idea... im punishing myself.

7.  I'm in my 20's and have just started blogging... really? Ima bit slow.

8.  I'm really disorganized... you should see my desktop. I'd show you, but you would get lost  :/

9.  I have broken, dropped, many expensive electronics.  Cracked a laptop screen due to someone stepping on it... busted many cd players, and well, frankly ima bit surprised at my many times dropping my digital camera.. it still works... well .. the lens gets stuck sometimes but... im ok with that.  What is sad... is that when i bought a cd player it was like 65 bucks.  So when I broke it, I would tape it back together... scotch tape that is... yeah... ghetto right? no, I didnt want to admit that I broke another one and thus settled with a broken one.  Plus, I didn't have money for a new one.  Guess how much they cost now? like 5-10 bucks.  Go figure.

courtesy of
I search for 'busted cd player' ...(like you care.).. and this is what popped up.... Ha... that is my problem... A cute little kitty is sabotaging my technology.  Problem solved. :)

10.  I have many emails.. but most of them I cannot access.  This is because im slightly retarded in the fact I forget.  I forget my passwords... even when i change them.. and never can get back in.

11.  While I was typing this, I opened like 8 windows... cant type either... well i cant type words... I guess  Im great at hitting shortcuts.  WHICH I REALLY HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THEY ARE!!  So I cant go back to figure out how I opened that screen.

Anyway.. I guess im just disappointed with technology as well as frustrated and challenged.  Everytime I buy something... it will break... so I have just come to the conclusion to just stop buying it.

Disney didn't prepare me for this... I'm lost with this internet thing... I facebook, email, and now blog... i know its not much to you all.. but ima gettin to my breakin point.  Maybe its time to knit.

  yes, it is time.

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  1. Haha! I used to forget my passwords too until I made them all the same. More of a security risk, yes. But more likely I will remember it later.