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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sam, aka Kitty Kitty

I'm going to start this post with a HUGE SIGH... ready?  *Sigh* 

Every time I see Sam, I sigh.  Why?  well, because once you forget about him you see him peeking in the front window reminding you that he is still there... like a stalker.  

Lets go back.... say,  a year and a half  I think.  So its July 2009. 

Sam's Story:  

Sam is a cat.  He started wandering around our house because we always have people there.  The neighborhood kids like playing with my dog Sadie, so this one day they were there to knock on our door to see if Sadie could come out to play.  Well, I open the door and this cat is there with them.  No one knows where he came from or if he has a home.  But, he is skinny and sickly looking... but happy and social.  So we called him Kitty-Kitty.

So I take pictures of him and make a flier: FOUND!  After about a month, (since he was always at our house) we assumed that he was homeless and started letting him in our garage.  Another 2 weeks go by,  we crack down and buy him a collar at the dollar store.  He was going to be my brothers cat, since he was all attached to him by now.  

Nope! As soon as we put that collar on he came back a day later with a note attached to it.  It said My name is Sam. I live _.  So he had a home.  And the people who owned him  were friends  we knew from church.  Go figures right? 

So every day after that we tried to bring him home.  He didn't want to go home.  The only time we could get him to follow us there was by walking my dog Sadie.  He followed her to his home, so every night after that... my dad has to walk Sam home with Sadie.

What a cute nuisance. . . he has those eyes. Plus, he always seems to be in the way.

See.. he is right in front of Sadie's face! 

I try to take photos of Sadie during a holiday season... so she can give it to the dunkin donut ladies to grace their bulletin board.  So, he is always in the way!  Messed up a ton of would-be-great pics of Sadie in her bunny ears! :)

Sam and Trouble (my cat)

So now he hangs around all the time... and when his parents go on vacation, he also lives with us.

Sam and Sadie
So that is the story of Sam... the cat who-doesn't-want-to-go-home.  And sometimes, he is the thorn in my side, but I like him.  He is funny  and makes me smile.  But he is like the kid who-wont-go-home and sometimes i'm tired of looking after him.  (Especially, when he follows Sadie and I when we go on a walk.  I have to make sure he is safe if he follows us across the road to the other subdivision.)

SO....Sam-the-cat is friends with Sadie-the-dog.  Go figures!

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