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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ribbit Ribbit

Knitting time!!!               I made a FROG! 

A Cute Froggie!

One with CRAZY arms and legs!  HE makes me smile.  And BOY, does he look better in person.  I need a photographer for this little guy.  I'm horrible at picture taking.

SO, the thought of the kids at the Peyton Manning Childrens hospital made me think of what could bring them joy and this guy popped in my head.  Lets hope I can remember how to do him, because now I have people asking me for the pattern.  WELL, again, I'm a disappointment to you all.  I have no pattern to give you.  I have it all in my head.  I'm sorry... but I can tell you that it is reasonably easy to make. 

Once you make the body, you add legs, fingers, and eyes.  Simple right? sorry, I know that didn't help.  But if you have a creative mind you will figure out a pattern for yourself.  Then, I can't sue you for copyright or stealing my creative juices.  Sound fair?

 If you'd like one, I may be creating an etsy account.  I'll update when/if I do open one.  Capisce?

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