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Monday, October 25, 2010

UPDATE: A Disappointing Day In The Fast Food Industry....

So, I left work today all excited to get my daily dollar soda at McD's.  I go to the one on the northwest side of town normally because their Dr. Pepper tastes the best in town.  That is until today.

I get my soda and drive home... only to discover when I get home that it isn't Dr. Pepper at all!

It is an impostor.  It is soda water and brownish coloring... ick.

Now I have to go visit the McD's closest to my house to get a new one... darn it! I hate this McD's because of its terrible service,  stupid employees, and well the Dr Pepper always tastes okay.  Just okay.  I want 'SUPER AWESOME, ITS DR PEPPER!' Dr Pepper.  I dont want to settle.  But I will today.

So on my way home, I decide to go to the Burger King for a Jr. Whopper.  Which I cant get in because there are toooooooo many people out at Lunchtime! PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!

So I settle for Wendy's.  Excited to get a burger, I get home and take the first bite out of my burger...... HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!  THe onions are terrible, the tomato is sad, and the lettuce is white.  COME ON! To make it worse, the fries are all sad and mushy.


I dont think I am going to get food for awhile from anywhere.  Im getting grossed out.  Not just from today.  But from this year, I cant eat Taco Bell anymore, Wendy's is on its last leg for me from a previous chicken incident, and McDonalds gets my business only for sodas (which may stop soon).  What a disappointing day in the fast food industry.


Its a sad, sad day for my dr pepper.

UPDATE:  HAD Burger King today and it was a Success... Jr. whopper was amazing and so were the fries... nice going BK you get a gold star! (tho I still don't like your creepy king man commercials or the new weird offsetting songs you are doing now.  )

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