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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eggs....& rage

So tonight my friend and I went out to walk the dogs and guess what?  no really?  what do you think we saw?!


Lots of eggs...

That shouldn't be there.

Guess where they were?

BROKEN, on the ground, but most of all... ON THREE of our cars!!! not one car or two.... 3 of our cars were hit!

This is also the 3rd time we have been egged at our house.... though, there have been other eggings... like the pavement and at other houses on the street.

SO, Im going to buy a camcorder and record it... im going to catch these people...

I think they are the kids that like to drive into our trash cans.... they have a dark truck... and i know there are at least 2 boys/teenagers/future prisoners.  Yeah, I'm talkin' to you kids!!! Cuz i'm gonna get ya'! yeah! thats right, you heard me... I'M GOING TO GET YOU!

I am enraged... upset, ANGRY!

and yes!  I did call the cops!


*I'll update later if I catch them.


  1. I love the "Yeah, I'm talkin' to you kids!!! Cuz i'm gonna get ya'! yeah!..." Reminds me of an old lady running down the street, waving her cane in the air. Stupid kids, get a hobby.

  2. ha... if it takes that long to catch them... i will be an old lady running down the